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Tepskart is an initiative of Heatran Engineers, Ahmedabad having 20 years of experience in Industrial Heating field. We cater to the entire spectrum of industries for industrial heating related to Thermic Fluid Heaters, Thermal Oil Units, Heat Recovery, and Retrofitting and Equipment Modernization and Save Energy Schemes.

tepskart.com is an Online-to-Offline (O2O) platform aimed at serving Industrial customers for their technological, engineering products and services required. This is a unique platform to bring industrial customer to digital experience with brick and mortar stores. It enhances the buying experience on digital platform and product availing local stores and technical support at your door steps.

The initial offering of products by us to cater energy efficient and energy saving products by embracing the latest technologies and international techniques in sustainable manner. The product offering consisting of industrial Oil; Gas & Dual fuel burners by Baltur S.p.A Italy with latest compliance of emission norms, while offering highest efficiency in its class. Other products include Therminol 55-Synthetic Thermal Fluid, Solar System, Hot Water Generator, Hot Air Generators, Thermic fluid Heaters, Pressure Boosting Systems / Pressure Pump, Ring Main Systems, High Pressure Gas Train & Filtration Systems.

Other feature of tepskart.com is that to create a market place for other manufacturer of industrial products and our platform is enabling to sell directly to the user and in turn it reduces the cost of purchase to customers.

Our well experienced and constantly trained team of engineers and technicians will assist you and take care of any kind of heating systems from concept to commissioning as well as after sales needs.

Custom built heating equipment, Thermic Fluid Heaters, Thermal Oil Units, Ring Main systems, Gas Trains, Hot Air Generators, Hot Water Boilers and heat exchanges etc are made to meet your requirements apart from standard sized products to address your process heat problem. This equipment is designed by highly experienced in such discipline and some of them are the last word to those solutions. Their vast experience and application-oriented knowledge is our core strength and prime movers.

We design and construct appropriate equipment to meet your needs which is highly durable and energy efficient. Our in-house manufacturing processes are facility is making us to follow the right steps and controls to ensure quality products roll-out. We are also Associated with some of the international technology companies in their appropriate fields to serve our customers for Industrial Heating Burners such as: Oil / Gas / Dual Fuel burners and non-standard, special fuels applications by General Bruciatori, Italy having wide range of burner capacity. Apart from that we are associated with Eastman Chemical Co., USA / Mumbai for Synthetic Thermic Fluids – Therminol and Dealers of Baltur Burners.

For more details, please contact us on 9978984508  or E-mail: marketing@tepskart.com; sales@tepskart.com

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